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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More bad stuff

In another context, when I wasn't even looking for bad poetry, I came across a book with lines like this:

"At the dawn of sorrow,
I drop a tear
and sob."


"I am one with the vast universe."

Published by a University Press!

I couldn't even write "At the dawn of sorrow" in a poem meant to be bad on purpose.

Monday, September 26, 2016

jazz piano

I took a jazz piano lesson. I have to figure out voicings for "There will never be another you." It is not that hard, really, though it takes time. Practice tip: use a metronome and practice will be more efficient, less time and faster.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Body Parts

The waist of the ocean...

Her throat, where is it?

Where is the sea's elbow?


Mateo has set me another one:

Skywinds of autumn

Skyrains of spring...

Aren't all winds from the sky?

Aren't all rains of the sky?

If you think like that, my friend,

You will never taste the orange from the orange tree

Skywinds of autumn

Skyrains of spring...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Theme Bait

I went to a poetry reading once (many times) in which the poet depended on the themes of his work. He would explain eloquently what his poetry was about and then read a poem in which none of that was really happening.

You have to do it in the poem.


I wrote an article in Spanish and the only corrections I got (aside from obvious typos) was that I was writing "en este respecto" instead of "a este respecto." I guess I really did not know that, but once it's pointed out it becomes obvious. I am fairly confident of my writing, more than I used to be, but everyone is entitled to a few mistakes. I was already writing a dissertation when someone pointed out to me that the word was substitute and and not subsitute.

Contra los homenajes

El homenaje es un género vacío de contenido. Acabo de sacar unos libros de homenaje a Montejo de la biblioteca y no nos dicen ná del poeta y su obra. Aprendemos que es buena persona, etc... Cuánto pastiche...